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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Review: The One Who Waits For me

The One Who Waits for Me
By Lori Copeland

Quote: "They are men. There's no such thing as kind men. How many times do I have to remind you?" ~ Beth Jornigan

started on Oct. 28,2011
ended Nov.1,2011

From the cover:
 He touched her heart as no other man ever had...
Would she be willing to wait for him?

Summer 1865- In the months just after the end of the Civil War, old ways of life are changing in the south. At a plantation in North Carolina, three young women are determined to leave everything behind for an unknown future without an evil uncle or cousin.

But Beth Jornigan, her sister, Joanie, and their friend Trella encounter trouble from the very start. A fire racing through dry cotton fields almost ends their journey before it has a chance to begin. Fortunately, soldiers on their way home rescue them just in time. Only these brave young men don't want the trouble that lovely, defenseless women will surely bring. They are more than ready to do nothing but put the war behind them, eat fresh-baked pie, and drink sweet tea surrounded again by their families.

And yet both the men and women discover that God sometimes has other plans than the ones we hold dear, and embracing those plans just may be an adventure and a chance for all of their dreams to come true.

My Review:
This was a nice, easy read for me. I felt it was somewhat slow and predictable, but maybe it's because I have been on a suspense, mystery kick for awhile. This book just wasn't that!
It does have a good lesson and again being christian fiction it was very relaxing and uplifting. We never know what God has planned for us and too often we try to run things on our own.

I like the spunky, stubbornness of  Beth and the ever faithfulness of Joanie. Both have strong personalities and it shows throughout. I think that the men that come into their lives are well suited for each. I have heard rumors that this is the first book of a new series by  Lori Copeland and I am excited. I love series books and can't wait to hear what paths the characters take. 
All in all I give this book 3 stars.
Well written and fits all categories and expectations I had for it!


  1. I am not really a classic romance novel reader, anything Danielle Steele makes me want to vomit. However, the idea of Christian romance novels intrigues me. I look forward to more reviews.

  2. I don't like romance books, but I like Christian Fiction romance books. There is just something about them that I like.



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