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Monday, November 26, 2012

Review: Son(The Giver Quartet #4)

by Lois Lowry

Quote: " But it was fun for me today. Part of my job is giving the newchildren to their parental units. The new mothers and fathers are always so excited."~ Nurturer  pg.77

Started: Nov. 2, 2012
Finished: Nov. 9, 2012

393 pages/ hardcover

From the cover:
" They called her Water Claire."
When the young girl washed up on their shore, no one knew she had been a Vessel. That she had carried a Product. That it had been carved from her belly. Stolen.
Claire had had a son. She was supposed to forget him, but that was impossible. When he was taken from their community, she knew she had to follow.
And so her journey began.
But here in this wind-battered village Claire is welcomed as one of their own. In the security of her new home, she is free and loved. She grows stronger.
As tempted as she is by the warmth of more human kindness than she has ever known, she cannot stay. Her son is out there; a young boy by now.
Claire will stop at nothing to find her child...
even if it means trading her own life.
With Son, the two-time Newberry Medal-winning Lois Lowry has spun another mesmerizing tale in this thrilling and long-awaited conclusion to The Giver.

My Review:
This was a great ending to a wonderful series. Son, tied up all the loose ends to the 3 previous books. It was very well written and made a great story even better. The main character is Claire. She was chosen to be a Vessel but something went wrong. Even with the Elders wisdom and great reputation for making the best choices, the unexpected happened. From then on Claire was changed, different and unsure of most things. The one thing she was sure of, she had to find her son.The book is divided in to three parts. Before, Between, and Beyond.  It tells everything from how each character got to where they are to where they were when they seemed "missing" in the middle books. It , for the most part ties everyone together and helps explain the how, why and whens. I would love to see these stories made into a children's movie or a mini-series.
*4 stars*

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