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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Review: Child of Grace

Child of Grace
Lori Copeland

" Neither do I- It sounds ugly and devastating, but I think we have to, hon." Cora pg. 52

started-Jan. 17, 2012
finished- Jan.19,2012

From the cover: "To E.J., her hometown was just a stop along the way..."
E.J. has built a successful career for herself, but is struggling with an unwanted pregnancy. She runs home to Cullen's Corner with her own intentions, yet in the quiet of her hometown she reconnects with family and God and discovers His plans for her life.

My Review: This book(for me) was a nice step up for Copeland. She seems to have an easy-read, typical style about her. Which is fine, that's her style of writing. I do feel this story had a good moral message and showed real feelings about the choices and decisions we may face. I like that it wasn't just a " he loves me, he loves me not" type of story. It showed a woman facing real problems in a real world. The characters were warm and realistic. I think Cora was my favorite. She reminds me a lot of my own Grandmother and the role she plays. She is a genuine, caring person and most of all, a woman who knows what she believes and isn't afraid to show it. 
Total rating: 4 stars

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