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The Diary of a Young Girl
Into the Wild
The Daughter's Walk
Finding Grace: A True Story About Losing Your Way In Life...And Finding It Again
Ghost on Black Mountain
The Kitchen House
These Things Hidden
The List
Girl, Interrupted
The Glass Castle
The Giver
Sarah's Key
The Promises She Keeps
The Keepsake
BoneMan's Daughters
Half Broke Horses

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Novel Experience: Debut!

Post #1  :)

I am super stoked to finally have my new blog up and going. I have so many wonderful ideas for this blog! I know it will keep me plenty busy. I have been reading some awesome books and cannot wait to share all my reviews with everyone!
Please remember this is just in the beginning phase so there may be many tweaks and changes for awhile but hey...it's a start, right?!?
I hope everyone enjoys my new blog. Please grab my button and make sure to share with any other followers you think may be interested!
Thank you so much for everyone who has followed my other blog:  http://bugnroosmom.blogspot.com/
I will keep it going as well for my everyday blogging and for different topics. All future posts having anything to do with books will strictly be for A Novel Experience
As always comments are loved, tips/suggestions/opinions are welcome
Keep Blogging!


  1. Congrats Trema... I'm here ready and waiting for you to start reading/critiquing, heheeee...
    Well done, I know you have been very excited about this blog..
    Can I ask also how to myself a 'button'... not sure how - could u point me in right direction?
    Jenni. x

  2. New follower and I've snagged your button for my book blog, Ruthi Reads!




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