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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Review: The Blind In Darkness

The Blind In Darkness
by Stephen Lewis

Quote: "I do not think it. But that is why I send you to Master Woolsey. In the event I am wrong. Go. There is no time now for your stubborn disobedience." ~ Mistress Catherine Williams pg.41

started: Oct.11, 2011
finished: Oct.18, 2011

From the cover:
One the newly settled coast of New England lay the town of Newbury. In a harsh land, its people lived a difficult life, where the truth was often clouded by suspicion and superstition. But when trouble struck, one woman would have the strength and courage to separate truth from lies...
An Old New England Mystery
Midwife Catherine Williams goes out one snowy afternoon to administer first aid to the eccentric owner of a neighboring farm. Days later, old man Powell is found dead-not from the wound Catherine tended, but from a killer's brutal work. and his young apprentice has disappeared.

Review: This is going to be a tough one for me. First of all, to me this book started really slow. Now it could be the actual book or it could have been my busy schedule and lack of time. (having to read only 20-25 pages every couple of days). Anyway, it does get more interesting around chapter 4. This book is a mixture of colonial/history, murder/mystery, and what I call risque, in the sense of taboo subjects. It seems to jump around with a lot of characters intertwined. There is also some getting used to the name changes due to Native Americans being given "English" names.  Depending on who is conversing with the Indian determines which name is used, thus you have to keep track of the who's who.

The book is a good inside look at things that "could" actually be true during this time period. The things you wouldn't read about in your HS history text books.
I would recommend this book to anyone into the "whodunnits?", anyone that, like me, wants a deeper look into the not sugar coated history. I would have to rate this book R- for sexual content and violence.
I would give it 3 stars

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