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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Review: The Red Church

The Red Church
by Scott Nicholson

Quote: " We both know there's more to this church than just nails and chestnut and rippled glass."~ Archer pg. 113
Started: March 30, 2012
Finished: April 9, 2012

352 pages

From the cover:
The church was constructed in the 1800s under the guidance of Reverend Wendell McFall. His sermons declared the existence of God's Second Son- whose mission it is to undo all of Jesus' work on Earth. McFall had the church painted red to summon the First Son to defeat the Second. But when he sacrificed a child to support his rantings, his congregation hung him from the rafters of his own sanctuary....
  For twenty years, the red church stood empty. Crumbling to ruin, it has become a site for Halloween pranks and the setting for ghost stories- including one about the thing that lives in the bell tower, a creature being blamed for a brutal murder that occurred in the church's graveyard...
  Now, Archer McFall has purchased the church to house his Temple of the Two Sons- whose zealous worshipers will stop at nothing to see the Second Son return to his rightful glory...

My Review:
I'm not sure how to start this review or what to say first.
I guess for me, I want to say that I am a Christian and by no means believe in what this book is about. With that said, I am not naive either in believing that this can't, doesn't happen somewhere everyday. I mean, there are people obviously who believe differently than myself. This book is about a "cult" that believes God had two sons. One good(Jesus), the other evil(Archer). It shows how easily the human mind can be persuaded into believing almost anything. No matter how out there it may seem to someone else. What people will do and sacrifice for something they believe in. This book has a little religion, paranormal, crime and even romantic implications.
I won't say that I think this book is sacreligious. I see it as a learning bookand entertaining(isn't that why we read?). I'm not going to NOT read something because of what it may be labeled as.(Haven't I told you I will read anything?!?!?) And, after all it IS fiction, right?
Way to go Scott Nicholson !!!
I will be reading more of his books!
Also, this book is the first in the Sherriff Frank Littlefield series! Look it up!

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