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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review: Real Marriage

Real Marriage: 
The Truth about
 Sex, Friendship, and Life Together
Mark & Grace Driscoll

Quote:" The greatest gift a grace a man can have is a pious, God-fearing, home-loving wife, whom he can trust with all his goods, body, and life itself, as well as having her as the mother of his children." ~ Martin Luther pg 23

Started: March 4, 2013
Finished: March 14, 2013
Hardcover/249 pages

From the cover:
Traveling the world, raising five kids, speaking to thousands, Pastor Mark Driscoll and his wife, Grace, don't live in a bubble. They know we live in a " hook-up, shack up, and break up" culture. They've seen the divorce rates, heard the sexual abuse statistics, they've been statistics themselves. All of which makes them realistic and sympathetic.
But that's not why we are qualified to write this book.
Mark and Grace know and respect God's Word, and they've experienced it's power to transform their marriage. Today, In this culture. Those are their qualifications.
Unflinchingly honest and direct, they describe God's plan for marriage, explain how it has changed their marriage, and dive into the issues that keep us from it, including a lack of friendship in marriage, previous sexual abuse, and the use of pornography. and you'll find the answers to some sex-related questions that you just can't ask your own pastor.
If you want the straight truth wrapped in the grace of the gospel, read this book. If you're asking questions you think the church would never answer, open the pages. And if you're not sure lifelong soul-mates are even possible in the 21st century, read and be encouraged by what the grace and power of God can do for your marriage.

My Review:
I absolutely loved this book. It was so well written, wonderfully descriptive and truly honest. I know, little by little and through God's grace this book is and will continue to be a blessing to myself and my marriage.
No matter how many or how few issues you feel your marriage has, this book can and probably will help you and your spouse in some way!
The book is divided into specific topic chapters. 
1.New Marriage, Same Spouse
2.Friend with Benefits
3. Men and Marriage
4. The Respectful Wife
5. Taking out the Trash 
and so on.
This book covers everything from porn obsession and how it can destroy a marriage to what is the difference between lawful and helpful.(Just because you CAN do it, doesn't mean you should. Is it helpful to YOUR specific marriage?)
It uses reference to scripture in almost every question or subject(which I LOVED). It gives tons of helpful statistics, testimonies and study results to help you understand better.
This book shows you right from wrong, how to prioritize(take out the trash) and how to be open, honest and start over from any stage of marriage.
You learn tips, prayers and methods to slowly, gradually transform your marriage into what God had planned for you and your spouse! It even has a "plan" for you to set up and use as a guideline for goals, dreams and things you want to accomplish as a married couple.( How can we get where we want to be next week, year, in 5 years?)
I highly recommend this book to any Christian couples. No matter how wonderful you think your own marriage is, everyone can benefit from this book!
Definitely 5 stars*****


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  3. Trema, hope you are ok - see you haven't blogged for a while. Take care

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