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Into the Wild
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Finding Grace: A True Story About Losing Your Way In Life...And Finding It Again
Ghost on Black Mountain
The Kitchen House
These Things Hidden
The List
Girl, Interrupted
The Glass Castle
The Giver
Sarah's Key
The Promises She Keeps
The Keepsake
BoneMan's Daughters
Half Broke Horses

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Ready to Revamp...Stay Tuned

I'm coming back!

Hello fellow readers, writers and lovers of all things about books!
 I want to sincerely thank all of you that haven't "un-followed" me!
That is true dedication!  Or you forgot all about me or don't know how to un-follow. LOL
Either way, I'm so glad your still with me!
I know I have been MIA for like....EVER!
I have been out of the loop for so long, I haven't really been sure where or how to get this back where I want it to go.
This started out as just a fun, easy way for me to write out my reviews and opinions on the books I've read and also to keep kind of an online journal for any of my friends that were also interested .
Every book lover knows how great it feels to connect with like minded souls and have that easy going, common ground to chat, share and explore. 

I am seriously going to give this my all and pray I don't let anyone down.

This blog needs a whole new vamp so please be patient as I refresh myself with all the codes, layouts, widgets, etc...
It is challenging to concentrate on all that when all I want to do is read so I can get that review wrote while it is still fresh...and before I can start the next book!

Here is my Current Read , don't forget to join Goodreads!

While I have temporary living conditions, I also have limited books to read or buy.
This is my current TBR shelf...while my life is in a 10X20 storage unit.

I've also started a new blog, COFFEEWASTEDMOMMA that is all about me, life, being a momma, living on a budget and all my hobbies. Please stop by anytime.

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