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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Review: Gathering Blue

Gathering Blue
by Lois Lowry

" She was imperfect. And fatherless as well. She should not have been kept." ~ Vandara  pg. 26

started: Jan 28, 2012
Finished: Jan. 31, 2012

From the cover:
  Kira straightened her shoulders and spoke. She held her voice steady and tried to meet the eyes of each woman in turn. Some lowered their gaze and looked at the ground. That was good. It meant they were weak.
" You know that in a village conflict that could bring death, we must go to the Council of Gaurdians," Kira reminded them. She heard some murmurs of assent. Vandara's hand still gripped the rock, and her shoulders were tense, preparing to throw.
 Kira looked directly at Vandara but she was speaking to the others now, in need of their support. She appealed not to their sympathy, because she knew they had none, but to their fear.
 " Remember that if conflict is not taken to the Council of Gaurdians, and there is a death..."
 She heard a murmur. "If there is a death..." she heard a woman repeat in an uncertain, apprehensive voice.
 Kira waited. She stood as tall and straight as she could.
 Finally a woman in the group completed the words of the rule. " the causer-of-death must die."

My Review:
 This is the second book of The Giver trilogy. While the 3 books only seem to relate vaguely, they do have a similar message in all.  In this book, Kira is the main focus. She is the "chosen" or main character. She is a young girl who although accustomed to her "black-sheep" lifestyle is learning that there is more to her and who she is than she could have imagined. One day unsure of her future or even if she will have one, and then suddenly it is all decided for her. Her opinion, hopes or wishes are not acknowledged. That is not their concern. What she can do for them is what matters.
I really enjoyed this "middle" book. While the utopia/controlled world  is related to the previous book it does have it's own story.
I would give it 4 stars!

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