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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Review: Damaged

by Cathy Glass

Quote:  " If I'm going to be able to meet this child's needs, I replied, ' it's important that I'm given all the relevant information. Could you check and get back to me, please?" pg. 63

started: Feb. 23, 2012
finished: Feb. 25, 2012

From the cover:
A deeply moving story of how one foster carer's profound patience and love unlocked a little girl's darkest, most painful secrets
 Cathy Glass had fostered fifty children over twenty years but none of them had been as disturbed as Jodie, a troubled eight-year-old whose violence and aggression had seen off five foster carers in just four months. When Jodie arrived, Cathy had no idea what lay beneath Jodie's shocking behavior, which included smearing feces all over the house, erupting into violent rages and even cutting herself. Little by little, as Jodie's rage was met with patience and understanding, she began to trust Cathy, and to confide the dreadful background which had led to her present torment.

My Review:
Wow! This book was one of the best and worst books I think I have ever read!
It is such an amazing story. I will say first off that it holds nothing back as far as details in what this precious child encountered. As hard as it was to read and get through this book, thinking of how much worse it must have been to actually live through it all. I can only pray that more people continue to do the work of Cathy Glass and more people become aware of the very real life horrors and evil that are around each of us. I will definitely be reading some of the other books written by Cathy Glass 
She continues to be a foster carer in the UK and also has many books written on different children/cases she has lived with over the years. as well as many books devoted to helping others and also family living books.
I give Damaged 5 stars!

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