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Friday, February 17, 2012

Review: Haunted Waters

Haunted Waters
by May Pope Osborne

Quote: " There are questions you have never asked, Lord Huldbrand. There are worlds you have never imagined."~ Undine

Started: Feb. 5, 2012
Ended: Feb. 9, 2012

From the cover:
As I came close to the water, I saw a figure lying on the bank: Undine. Her white gown spread about her, she looked like a gull with broken wings.
   Her face was hidden as I ran toward her. I reached out to touch her, and suddenly the phantom's screech split the twilight- and i found myself reaching for nothing at all. Undine had evaporated into the air! I ran like a madman, slipping, crawling, clawing my way through the marsh reeds. My mind reeled with terror- was Undine herself now a demon? Had the monster taken her shape?

My Review:  I didn't hate this book. I simply didn't get it! Honestly, as I came to the end, all I kept thinking was...Yea, and....
It's not that I didn't enjoy the story, I think it just kind of rambled into a list of "what's next" that never got answered. I never felt like the story ended any of the topics it started. 
My questions left are:
1. What was she?
2. How did Lord Huldbrand really get onto the shore?(was it a storm? shipwreck? magic?)
3. Where did Undine come from? (Hell, the sea, a hybrid of sea and human)?
4. Why was the forest against humans/mortals?
5. Why didn't her father come back for her before she married a mortal?
6. Why was she abandoned and raised by humans?
7. Why did she come back for him only when he was going to marry another?
8. Did he really fall in love with her or was it a spell?
I'm not sure I got the story. I only learned that this was a spin-off of a mythological legend after reading the book. Still, after trying to do much research on the original, I haven't really learned anything new or answered any of my questions.  Maybe some will understand this more than I did.
My rating is 2 stars. It was just too unfinished for me.

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